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CANNABIS NORML Seattle HEMPFEST® Marijuana Policy Project - Dr. Sunil Aggarwal's page Dr. Bob Melamede's page The People for Medical Cannabis 

U.S. CONGRESS Contact info for 115th U.S. Congress

ENVIRONMEMT 1% for the Planet Earthjustice Union of Concerned Scientists

FIGHT FAKE NEWS (Look beyond these sites, but they are a great first start) Fairness in Accuracy and Reporting (FAIR) Politifact Factcheck Fact Checker Media Bias Factcheck Media Bias Factcheck Snopes

HATE Dept. of Justice Center 4 Community Policing Services Hate-Crimes Netiquette

GMO GMO Awareness Institure for Resonsible Tehcnology

LAW ACLU Southern Poverty Law Center Law Offices of Ron Kuby Douglas Hiatt Seattle Cannabis Atty Fred Diamondstone Personal Injury / Constitutional

LAW ENFORCEMENT Badge of Life History of Policing in U.S. Police Fatalities by the Year Law Enforcement Action Partnership (Formerly LEAP)

POLITICS A-Team Campaign (Fight for the Future) Brand New Congress The Campaign legal Center Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington Democracy 21 Five Thirty Eight (Congress under Trump) Is Trump at Mar-a-Lago? League of Women Voters Head Count (Voter Registration) Track Trump Trump Tracker Trump Meter

VARIOUS SUGGESTED LINKS: Killed by Police  Common Dreams Our Revolution (Bernie Sanders' Org) Center for Popular Democracy American Federation of Teachers We Will Replace You Emily's List Habitat for Humanity Human Rights Watch Action Network Congressional Staff Manual for Getting Congress to Listen Reader Supported News Michael Moore Thom Hartmann Amy Goodman Daily KOS The Young Turks Bill Moyers Dr. Cornel West Michelle Alexander Starhawk We are One America Black Lives Matter Bernie Sanders List of 500 Progressive Organizations List of Addtional Progressive Organizations What to Do About Save Animals from Extinction Friends of Animals March Against Monsanto Occupy Monsanto Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice


SEATTLE SPECIFIC LINKS Families of Color Seattle Millions Against Monsanto - Seattle The Seattle Office for Civil Rights Harassment Hotline